Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New Blog

I had wanted to use openletter.blogspot.com, but someone got that back it 2001, made one post then to complain about how work sucked. This is the substance of an open letter? Not in my little world!

Another one was openletter2u.blogspot.com. Nothing. Started in 2002 and not even one post. Well, ok, I understand. One starts these with the best of intentions and may well never be able to feel adequate to the task. I'm just frustrated that they put 'em up there before I did. Oh well...

Open letters are letters published to present or challenge an idea, practice or person. They may have been sent to the recipient or not, but they publish in order not to be ignored, to bring public pressure to bear on the recipient to least address the subject.

Work sucks? A letter to the employer, detailing the miserable work conditions and at least describing the employer is more suitable.

Now, there are limits to this. Defamation and threats are big no-nos. And if your recipient is of the corporate ilk or otherwise has access to a kazillion attorneys, be advised: they can take you to court, claiming defamation falsely, just to shut you up by breaking your bank.

Which should be the basis for legal action against them. But it very, very rarely works out that way.

So, that should be the basis of my first open letter in this forum: The U.S. justice system.